After attending college on a golf scholarship, and graduating in 1984, Wayne Fredrick began his real estate career in 1985. After 5 years in business, Wayne was tired of being a mediocre agent, and gave himself 12 months to either “get in” or “get out” of the real estate business.  12 months later, Wayne’s income was up 400%, while reducing his work load from over 60 hours per week  to less than 40.   After building a successful sales team, Wayne moved into ownership and management in 2001, and took his office from 32 agents to 90 agents in just 24 months, while opening a second location.

Based on the success of his offices, Wayne received a phone call from RE/MAX Regional Owner Dennis Curtin in 2008, asking Wayne to take over leadership of the RE/MAX Mid-States Region. Wayne served as Regional Director from 2008 until July of 2014, when he created See The Field Consulting, a company dedicated to a mission of working with Brokers, Owners, and Team Leaders on business models and systems to create profitable, saleable businesses.

Wayne’s success at every level of his career has come from a deep understanding of two things…the real estate sales game, and human behavior, and most importantly, how the two interact. Knowing that the key to success is consistency, but that you will only be consistent doing that which you enjoy, Wayne’s training and consulting revolves around the “3-C’s”…Clarity, Consistency, and Confidence.

Wayne knows that identifying core personal strengths, and then understanding how to capitalize on those strengths in the context of a business model is the recipe for long term success in the real estate business.