Workshops & Seminars

November 4, 2014, Kansas City, MO

“Behind the Curtain, the numbers that really drive your business”

November 6, 2014, Woodbridge NJ

RE/MAX  “Momentum”

November 18, 2014, Stillwater, OK

“Office Coaching”

November 19, 2014 Lawton, OK

“Office Coaching”

November 25, 2014 Kansas City, MO

“Office Coaching”


“The NEW Realtor model…Living in your SWEET SPOT”  (3 hours) After almost quitting the real estate business 4 years in, Wayne explains how he went from working 60-70 hours per week to less than 40 hours with no weekends while quadrupling his production. This session is an exploration of business concepts and strategies for agents and brokers to make great decisions on how to grow their businesses, without losing their life in the process.

Brokerage Topics

“Built to Last” The Dynamics of Successful Offices  (3 hours) This session gives an overview of the commonality of successful thriving offices, and gives participants a pathway to implement those common themes in their own office. Topics include: The “4 Pillars” of success, mission and vision, office culture, value propositions, training and consulting models, the 6 brokerage challenges, and the only 4 reasons agents don’t join a company. “DEEPER” Recruiting Presentation  (3 hours)

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Agent  Topics

“The Listing/Buyer Conversation”  (1.5 hours each) The Realtor value proposition is no longer information, in today’s environment, the consumer ALREADY POSSESSES massive amounts of information regarding the buying and selling process. Today’s agent must be able to interpret the information at a higher level than the customer. Session deals with 13 consultative questions to as every seller/buyer, which totally change the listing and buyer presentation conversations, and lead to more successful outcomes.

Past Client Systems, Eliminating “Database Creep”  (1.5 hours) Most agents have a database that is too large, and is only contacted 3-4 times per year. By using real world examples from other industries, agents will discover the economic model of past clients, how to get back in relationship with them, and a simple system they can use moving forward to make sure their referral base stays vibrant, and they remain relevant.

“Active Prospecting”  (1.5 hours) Participants will explore the 16 lead generation strategies for an agent, what materials are needed to maximize success in each one, and uncover which activities are a match for their personality. Scripts and dialogs for each method will be provided, along with a discussion of the business models/time requirements of each.